Why Eat Local Foods?

Our local farms help to boost the economy in our local towns. Whenever you buy or eat local foods, you are supporting those farms, the farmers and their families. If these farms didn't exist, then farmers would have to seek other jobs in the community or relocate.
Top 10 Reasons To Eat Local
1. Eating local means more for the local economy.

2. Locally grown produce is fresher.

3. Local food just plain tastes better.

4. Locally grown fruits and vegetables have longer to ripen.

5. Eating local is better for air quality and pollution.

6. Buying local food keeps us in touch with the seasons. .

7. Eating locally supports local farmers and their families.

8. Eating local protects us from bio-terrorism.

9. Local food translates to more variety.

10. Supporting local providers supports responsible land development.

Local foods are from local farms and don't have to be shipped as far. This decreases the need for preservatives, which is not only better for taste but also better
for your health.

Discovering Local Foods